Tony & Roy: The Uncredible Journey

After much discussion last year Roy and I came to the conclusion that working for a living was really not all it was cracked up to be. In fact, we came the conclusion that it was tedious, stressful and not a whole lot of fun.

To cut a monotonous and apallingly self-pitying story short, we decided that we were not enjoying working and so we wouldn't do it any more. We felt that would have a whole lot more fun back-packing around the world instead, so that's exactly what we're gonna do.

For a year or so anyway.

We wandered into Trailfinders in Kensington High Street and, with the blessing of Roy's totally lovely girlfriend Abi, purchased a couple of round the world tickets. There cannot be many girls who would be happy to stay at home for a year while her man went off traveling the world, so she deserves a special mention. Thanks Ab, we love you long time!

This web page is intended primarily for our friends and families to keep abreast of our travels and to reassure themselves that we are still alive even though they haven't heard from us for months! To that end we plan to keep this page updated regularly with photos and maybe even a simple travel diary whenever we encounter an internet cafe on our travels.

Our route around the world is detailed at the top of every page on this site, and as we arrive in each country the text will be replaced by a hyperlink to a new page full of (hopefully) startling photos and amusing anecdotes of our adventures in that country. Also there will be a link to our most recent postings to save time for our regular visitors (Hi Mum).

This is our first bash at writing a web page so it's bound to be a bit crude to begin with, though hopefully as we get better at HTML it will get a little more sophisticated. However, being unsure as to what tools may be available to help with web page design on our travels we have decided that this should remain a very simple page, crafted manually from HTML and should be concise enough to edit/update/manage using only Windows Notepad. If that combined with my idleness doesn't ensure that this remains a simple page, then I don't know what will.

Should you wish to reach us you can e-mail Roy at, or Tony at

We hope you have fun reading our adventures. We have now returned home, back to some semblance of boring normality.

We had great fun on our travels, and at the time ofwriting Tony is exactly 69 days away from being wed to the beautiful oyung lady he met in Vietnam.

Now that's what I call a souvenir!!!